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Why Can't Android Phone Use Apple EarPods?
Jun 16, 2017

I believe that many from the apple iPhone to the Android camp friends have encountered this problem: well EarPods in iPhone, inserted in the Android mobile phone can only hear background music without vocals, no normal use. Some Android users occasionally encounter similar incompatibilities when choosing headphones. So, what's the reason for that?

As we know, most of the mobile phones still use 3.5mm headset interface. But many people do not know is: 3.5mm headset interface seems to have no difference between what is actually not the same: 3.5mm headset interface with two different standards: GB and American Standard.

American Standard is also called CTIA, is a 3.5mm headset interface. Mobile phone headset GB and American Standard using quadrupole interface headset interface will be divided into four sections. The four section of the American Standard headset from A to Z respectively left, right and bottom line: MIC.National standard, also known as the OMTP standard, is the national standard of 3.5mm headset interface. GB headset interface is also a four pole design. However, the four sections are different from each other. They are left track, right track, ground wire and MIC.That is to say, in fact American Standard headset headset and GB is the same in the channel interface, in different places is two MIC and the ground interface is completely opposite. It is for this reason that the wrong headphones will appear, can only hear accompaniment, can not hear the voices of the problem.