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When Will Iphone8 Be On The Market? IPhone 8 Latest News: IPhone8 Is About To Be Released The Appearance Of Frequent Exposure, No Mention Of Parameter Configuration
Jul 17, 2017

There are more than two months of a new generation of Apple's mobile phone will be released, now the online exposure of rendering more and more close to the real machine. It is rumored that there will be a variety of apple iPhone this year, with apple 7S series, iPhone8 and an apple mobile 10th anniversary commemorative edition. The industry called Apple iPhone Pro, now still not sure how specific name, the foreign media recently exposed a group of real map, this is very close to the real machine.

The legend of the full screen with the back of the camera that is vertical, with Samsung's OLED screen, glass or metal currently can not see.

Look at this picture again. The bangs on your forehead are clearly visible. Back dual camera raised, it should be fingerprint identificatioThat'sBlack use of the upper black desktop map, forehead bangs can not see, almost perfect. it. The screen, the handset, the sensor and so on. Do you thiGray, you

This diagram looks for the glass material to be used.

I don't know, but we don't find a very strange phenomenon. Before each new apple machine is released, the online spread of the full time appearance, what parameters, configuration, and so on, is rarely mentioned. This is Apple's charm, all media and news is most concerned about is that Apple's new machine appearance, stunning or stunning is not what the use of new materials, or come up with what kind of design, and no one to pay attention to the Apple hardware, etc.. This is because Apple, which never promotes hardware, is the best hardware to do, and the best to combine all the hardware together. Consumers do not have to worry about these, and this is experience driven and hardware driven essential difference between, plainly speaking, is the essential difference between Android and apple.

can clearly see the forehead bangsnk it looks good?n under the screen.