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When Is Apple 8 Going Public
Aug 02, 2017

IPhone new products have more than a month's time, the network has been almost exposed, let us feel again, you can shake the mobile phone industry of the new it!

When will iPhone8 be on the market? Release time

Into the second half of 2017, a new generation of apple iPhone (provisional name: iPhone8) broke the news more and more, at present, the design of iPhone8 basically reached a consensus, the latest news from abroad Bryant broke iPhone 8 and iPhone7s series will be released in September 17th this year, officially on sale in September 25th.

Silver iPhone 8 mold exposure, like basic with prior exposure of most iPhone 8 rendering proofs, using the full screen, the screen resolution upgrade to 2436*1125, also is the screen ratio is indeed the ratio of 18.5:9.While some developers also find such a picture in the code, is not very familiar with the above appearance of the silver version of iPhone8 and iPhone8 before the exposure of the front panel is thContinuation of the classic color in previous years, coupled with last year to join the bright black and frosted black, is also regarded as a classic color bar! Expect new colors to appear!e same, the more ce

The back can be seen clearly with the camera changes! Just or slightly raised, this has been criticized for several years! Has also been a tangle of fruit powder.

When will iPhone8 be on the market? - - new functions

What innovations will iphone8 have? According to several - grasp the news that the new iPhone is equipped with a OLED display, A11 processor, wireless charging and other functions, face recognition is That's final. thing.

rtain iPhone8 positive style.

The actual display area of iphone8 may be 5.1 inches, and the home button is at the bottom of the phone, canceling the physical buttons. The front camera integrates powerful functions, such as face recognition and iris recognition, and has optical anti shake.

When will iPhone8 be on the market? --- price

This year iPhone8 price will be nearly 10000 yuan, recently, foreign media 9to5Mac given the news that the price of iPhone 8 will be $1100 (equivalent to 7400 yuan), while the top version will reach $1200, make a lot of fruit powder "if it sounds"

In fact, every year the price of apple iPhone products will be raised. According to survey data sent by market research firm Asymco, the top distribution of iPhone will increase by around $100 every three years, such as the iPhone 7 Plus256GB version, and the price has reached $950. According to this rule, this year's iPhone 8, priced at $1100, is highly probable.