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The IOS11 Feature Reveals That IPhone 8 Does Not Have Entity Home Keys
Jul 27, 2017

Tencent digital news (Wen Xin), according to BGR website reported that Apple has released iOS 11 beta 4 for users to download, BGR has elaborated in addition to conventional security patches and improvements in addition to new features. One feature seems to suggest that iPhone 8 will still retain the Touch ID fingerprint sensor - in line with some media coverage. But this feature also indicates that the entity Home button may disappear,

In a video that demonstrates the new features of iOS 11 beta 4, 9to5Mac specifically refers to a new user interface element of the lock screen. Users can click on a notification to open the appropriate application. After clicking on the notification, the user enters a new picture, suggesting that the user validate his fingerprint and open the application. As shown in the following figure:

Of course, users can also use passwords. It may also support face recognition functions on iPhone 8. However, apple gives priority to the use of Touch ID in the latest version of iOS 11 beta, enabling people to believe that iPhone 8 will retain Touch ID.

Apple can replace the Touch ID icon with the name of the face recognition feature in iPhone 8, and the Touch ID lock screen user interface may be limited to devices that do not support face recognition.

BGR said, but the simplest explanation is that apple for this lock screen user interface, select a variety of devices are supported by the unlock features, may be Touch, ID and password combination, where Touch ID is in the first place.

IPhone 8 will use a full screen design, which means the traditional Home button has no place on the front of the fuselage. As a result, Apple needs to find a new home for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which has 3 possible options.

The easiest way is to put the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the back of the fuselage. However, this is a design compromise, which is unusual in apples.

The most difficult way is to integrate Touch ID into the screen, which will make iPhone 8 get what other phones don't have

Of. It is not clear whether Apple is developing related technologies.

The third option is a new, slim, power button.

BGR says it is unlikely that Apple will remove Touch ID in iPhone 8. Touch ID is critical to Apple Pay payment services. Currently, Touch ID is the easiest way to unlock iPhone and login applications. Even though iPhone 8's face recognition function is faster and more secure than its competitors, Touch ID seems to be friendlier to users