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Technically Still Difficult, Samsung Note 8 Or Fingerprint Identification Without The Screen
Jun 19, 2017

Is expected in the second half of the release of iPhone 8 and Samsung Note 8 much attention, the Samsung S8 everyone Tucao most fingerprint recognition is that he will put beside the back of the camera, before the news in Note 8 will adopt fingerprint recognition technology under the screen. However, there may be technical difficulties to overcome, Note 8 or missed screen fingerprint identification.According to a person familiar with the matter, Samsung is currently experiencing a problem of uneven brightness during the design of the fingerprint module under the screen. The fingerprint area is much brighter than the other parts. If the information is true, then if the short-term can not solve this problem, the second half of the release of Samsung Note 8 may be missed the screen fingerprint identification.The same screen will use fingerprint recognition iPhone8 may encounter the same problem, but according to industry analysis @ old Yao, 8 iPhone uses its own research and development of fingerprint module, is believed to have overcome the difficulties, and if it is released in September iPhone8 should have started production, now there is no screen of fingerprint identification not what meaning.