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Samsung S4 Global Model Exposure Two Versions Of The Secret
Jun 14, 2017

The Samsung GALAXY S4 (blue) according to different versions equipped with different processors, which to a certain extent to the user caused confusion, such as those of the market will launch those versions is unknown. However, some foreign websites are listed in the list of global GALAXY S4 models from Samsung, the day after people choose to provide better reference.

Hong Kong will push the two version

At the time of the official release of the Samsung GALAXY S4, we already knew the opportunity to provide two versions of the model in support of the different network formats. They are using Exynos 5410, eight core processor Samsung GT-i9500 (commonly known as 3G version), as well as the use of Xiaolong 600 quad core processor Samsung GT-i9505 (commonly known as 4G version). However, Samsung did not specify what versions would be available in those markets.

From the list of the foreign media exposure of the existing 4G network, in most countries and regions, Samsung will launch using 600 quad core snapdragon processor Samsung GT-i9505, but will have 3G and 4G two versions were introduced in some markets, such as the Hongkong market is the case, there will be eight core Samsung GT-i9500 Tongxiao Dragon 600 quad core Samsung GT-i9505 two version available.

Britain also has eight nuclear editions

Although Samsung's official blog in response to user questions earlier, Samsung GALAXY S4 launched in Britain is loaded Xiaolong 600 quad core processor version, which makes many people are very disappointed. However, from the list of exposure, the Samsung GALAXY S4 in the UK market will actually provide quad core (GT-i9505) and eight nuclear (GT-i9500) two versions of the selection, which is consistent with the practice of the Hongkong market.

In addition to Chinese Hongkong and the UK, including GT-i9500 and other GT-i9505 two versions of the co-existence of South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and other countries and regions. The Chinese mainland market, because the current 4G network has not been large-scale commercial, so there will be only eight nuclear version of the Samsung GALAXYS4 (GT-i9500) market.

European version of the purchase need to be cautious

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung GALAXY S4 in some European countries listed only a version of the GT-i9505 models available, so in the future when the machine to buy smuggled goods, even the so-called "European version" also need more screening. For example, from Spain, Portugal, Holland, as well as some Eastern Europe and Northern European countries on the sale of Samsung GALAXY, S4 are 4G version of GT-i9505. In Singapore, the version of the market is also only Qualcomm snapdragon 600 quad core processor 4G version, an optional.

Currently, the Samsung GALAXY S4 has already started booking in many countries and regions. According to the British mobile phone chain Carphone Warehouse provides information shows that, at present, Samsung GALAXY S4 reservation amount has been equivalent to the same period Samsung GALAXY SIII 4.46 times.

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