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S8 Sales Are Not As Good As The Previous Generation
Jul 19, 2017

Samsung suffered heavy losses in 2016 as a result of the Note7 incident. Galaxy S8 as Samsung's flagship product in 2017, so that Samsung is back on track. However, last week, Korean media reported that Samsung's flagship model this year, Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus sales, less than expected, or even less than last year's S7, so that the supply chain began to reduce capacity problems. Recently, the president of Samsung has responded to the sales issue.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung President Gao Dongjin (DJ KOH) in a recent media conference, directly denied the S8 and S8 Plus sales less than expected this problem. He also provides a set of data, data show that the current Samsung S8 and S8 Plus sales have been higher than the previous generation of about 15%. And, according to current trends, sales in the third and fourth quarters of this year are not expected to decline.

From the design point of view, this year's S8 is really better than last year's S7, equipped with a full screen mobile phone so that everyone shines, and more popular in the market. However, last week, the media broke out, Samsung's S8 sales in the country only 300 thousand. It seems that in order to know how much Samsung S8 and S8 Plus specific sales, and only Samsung earnings report out to know