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Qualcomm: Apple Immediately Ban All IPhone And Claims 1 Billion
Oct 13, 2017

The relationship between apple and Qualcomm is still deteriorating, from this point of view, iPhone 8 Qualcomm baseband orders should be reduced to the lowest historical bar.

According to the American media CBET reported that, this morning, Qualcomm formally filed a lawsuit against ITC, its application to stop selling all of Apple's iPhone mobile phones (including imports), because they infringed their patent rights and interests.

The news immediately knocked Apple's share price down, and its share price fell 0.94% on Thursday. If the big two is utter words of words, so Qualcomm is serious, and intend to a life-and-death struggle with apple.

Qualcomm claims that Apple violated 6 Qualcomm patents, of course, this is only part of it, if ITC needs, then will continue to provide new evidence of infringement of its patents.

For this bold, general counsel of Qualcomm said, welcome to apple with them to talk about cooperation, willing to put the patent authorization, but Apple must know that mobile phone is not a company they say.