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OPPO R11 Conference Time Approaching OPPO Official Exposure R11 Configuration
Jul 15, 2017

OPPO R11 conference time is approaching the official OPPO exposes the R11 configuration OPPO in late June 10th 21 officially released a new generation flagship R11, R11 Plus, and through the Zhejiang satellite TV broadcast is the official grand, every little bit out puliao.

According to the latest OPPO official statement, R11 will be equipped with 3000mAh's super battery, and continue to support VOOC flash charging technology, advertising language or that sentence classic, charging 5 minutes, 2 hours of calls".

According to the Ministry of certified information, R11, R11, Plus battery power were 2900mAh, 3880mAh, and indeed it is consistent, easy to error, so look, R11 Plus batteries should not exceed 4000mAh.

In contrast, R9s, R9s, Plus batteries are 3010mAh, 4000mAh, the new generation has hardly changed, even slightly shrunk, so battery life and charging should be about the same as now.

Also note that, R11 series interface is still microUSB, and no use of USB Type-C, the official explanation is VOOC flash charging technology is not compatible with Type-C, need to redesign the circuit, not light exchange interface is so simple.

R11, R11 Plus will start a new generation of mainstream processor Qualcomm snapdragon 660 eight core, and is equipped with dual cameras for the first time, 1600+2000 million pixels, also have front 20 million pixels, known as the "after 20 million", and invited Jay Chou, Di Ali Gerba, Yang Mi, Yang Yang, Li Yifeng, William Chan, TFBoys collective endorsement.

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