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Mobile Phone Charging Overnight Does Not Affect Battery Life
Aug 05, 2017

All along, the mobile phone circles are popular such a saying: "the whole night charging will affect the life of mobile phone batteries.". And no one really tested whether this would affect cell phone battery life.

The charge of mobile phones all night long does not reduce the life of batteries," says Kyle Vins Wiens, head of iFixit, a company famous for repairing and dismantling electronics in California, Kyle. Because each lithium battery has a fixed charge cycle, this cycle refers to the full charge of the smartphone battery before it can be significantly degraded. For example, if a cell phone uses half the amount of power and plug it in, it will charge half of the charge, which takes half the time."

"The average smart phone has about 400 charging cycles, which helps the device last for at least a year and a half," he said. Of course, if the equipment is well maintained, more than a year and a half is also very possible. But even if you plug your phone into a socket and charge overnight, it doesn't change the frequency of the battery's running cycle. Only when you use your cell phone will you be able to use it."

Battery and charger accessories manufacturer Anker also said: "the gradual degradation of battery life, we must understand that the mobile phone battery is constantly aging, but overnight on the mobile phone charging does not have much effect on the obvious. This is because modern smart phones are designed to avoid absorbing more electricity, in other words, smart phones, and it knows when to relax."

Smart phones charge all night long, although they do not affect battery life, but there is a potential danger, that is, cell phone temperature. High temperature can promote the degradation of lithium battery. So, from a safe point of view, unplug the plug as much as possible.