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Millet Mix2 Mobile Phone New Conference Live, Where To See Millet Mix2 Mobile Phone New Conference, Live Video, Watch The Address?
Oct 11, 2017

At present, the highest credibility is millet MIX2 its size and the generation of the same, on the screen and configuration were raised, according to the current exposure and that the millet MIX2 will use the latest Qualcomm Xiaolong 835 full of blood CPU, 4GB memory operation started, up to 8GB. 128G body memory, up to 256G. The front camera at the bottom of the phone will also be replaced by a pop-up optical anti shake camera. Secondly, according to the news broke out, millet max2 will come. Millet MAX2 continue to use 6.44 inches 1080P HD large screen, a total of two versions, Standard Version equipped with Xiaolong 626 processor, supplemented by 4+64G memory. High version equipped Xiaolong 660 processor, with 6+128G memory. In life, it will be upgraded again, built in 5000mAh batteries, and equipped with power-saving components. Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor will be released in May 9th, millet MAX2 may be the first equipped with Xiaolong 660 processor mobile phones.