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Langya News Network Linyi Community New Mobile Version Of The Line More Beautiful And Convenient
Oct 17, 2017

Download or update a new version of the Linyi community, you will find the following highlights: 1, the new WeChat WeChat browse mode automatic login function, WeChat account can bind with the community account, simplifying the user registration and information release. Mobile version of WeChat login and PC synchronization open. 2, mobile phone version, PC version have increased SMS function, mobile phone number can be bound with community accounts, you can also use the mobile phone number registration, login, retrieve passwords and other functions. 3, mobile phone version of the new page frame, home page, section page, list page, content page page new revision, increasing the previous PC version only on the introduction, reminders, collection and integral functions, solve some problems not obvious entrance page function, enhance the user experience. 4, the new mobile phone support activities registration and voting, debate post participation function, participate in community activities, do not have to sign up on the computer! 5, community hematemesis recommended column "today's special" to support the mobile version of direct purchase, spend less, better! 6, making, photography section increase mobile phone version of the picture list function, can directly upload larger HD, mobile phone pictures will not blur!

Of course, Linyi community mobile phone version of the highlights far more than these, oh, more bright spots look forward to your discovery and experience. Community technical staff said that the new version of the mobile phone is just a beginning, the community will continue to develop and improve the mobile phone version, unlock more operation, more functions, let Linyi community friends use of worry, happy, we'll see!