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IPhone X Is Better Than Samsung Note8? It's The Truth This Time
Sep 20, 2017

 “Samsung’s new phone is expected to win back users. It used to copy Apple’s innovations but is now often ahead on new features, says Werner Goertz of Gartner. Samsung was the first to release an OLED screen, for instance.”The iPhone X doesn't come with any sort of stylus and there doesn't seem to be demand from Apple's fan base. Samsung's Note series includes an S Pen that slides into the bottom of the phone. Samsung fans love this for taking notes and sketching”As well as beating Apple to the punch, Samsung has done a much better job of making an all-screen phone too. The X, unlike the S8, S8 Plus and Note 8, has an unusual cutout – flanked by two “ears” – at the top of the screen, which could prevent iPhone X users from ever watching videos in true fullscreen mode”Two areas where the Note 8 still has the upper hand is in resolution — 2960×1440 (521 ppi) vs the iPhone X’s 2436×1125 (458 ppi) — and brightness. The Galaxy Note 8’s display reaches an astounding 1,200 nits, whereas the iPhone X only hits a meager 625 nits. That means when it comes to outdoor viewing, the Galaxy Note 8 is still king.”