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IPhone 8? Apple's Domestic Share Fell Year On Year
Jun 16, 2017

In early May, Apple's second quarter earnings show that China's revenue fell 14% year on year, is the world's only revenue decline in the region. Recently, the latest data show research organization Kantar, Apple's domestic sales compared to the previous quarter has improved, but still significant decline in sales year on year.Apple's market share in China was 16.2%, down 3.8% from a year earlier, according to data. In the United States market share of 20.1%, total sales grew 5.8%, and in Europe, iPhone sales also increased by 1.1%, and perhaps China is the only one sales decline in the region.According to Cook, the media report on iPhone 8 affected the sales of iPhone 7/7p. On the other hand, the rise of HUAWEI, millet, OPPO and other domestic manufacturers have also caused a huge impact on Apple's sales. Although Apple's domestic sales have been repeatedly frustrated, but China is still the main market for apple, and perhaps wait until the iPhone 8 listing, Apple will sweep away the decline!