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360 New Mobile Conference Countdown, Making The Ultimate Mellow New Machine
Jun 15, 2017

n the "alien" overwhelming cry, how to "smooth power" of the times, make "unable to hide greeds" today, mellow? 360 mobile phone officially released the N series of new conference posters from the poster, we can expect that the new products will provide us with the smooth texture.The current mainstream mobile phone appearance design, generally toward the edge of the screen transition is more smooth and natural trend of development, more and more mobile phone R angle curvature comfortable border lines, not only in the visual can reduce the thickness of the fuselage, looked from the hand will be more comfortable, can make the mobile phone in the grip more comfortable. The growing popularity of 2.5D arc glass and curved screen, also make us further into the "full power" of the times. Therefore, when the nuts Pro advertised itself as "alien", even the founder of the fuselage were intended as a tough line, but has always been difficult to deny, hard-edged is the edge of the body caused by GE feel.t is also because of the many advantages of round type, 360 mobile phone N5S will be in the poster ridicule a "heterogeneous" sharp and rounded handle, adhere to the yearning and the pursuit of a push toward the "," moving trend. The upcoming May 23rd release of the 360 mobile phone N5S, and even has been officially described as "let people fall into a reverie, unable to hide greeds. In the end the new machine will bring us more transparent crystal texture? More delicate and smooth feel? Or more indescAccording to the present by users exposed 360 mobile phone N5S spy photos can be seen, the fuselage design, using double 2.5D glass. Although we still can not confirm whether it is the final version of production, but you can see, 360 mobile phone N5S will start from the fuselage edge, arc polishing, bringing a mellow comfortable feel. This point, from the press conference on the invitation of the fuselage side view can also be seen one or two.ribable to satisfaction? The answer only in May 23rd and then announced the new conference.Configuration, 360 mobile N5S will use Qualcomm snapdragon 653 processor, 6+64GB large capacity storage, 3730mAh batteries, upgrade based on the development of Android7.0 360 OS pure system, according to network transmission, its price will be 1999 yuan. Although the battery power has been reduced compared with the previous generation, but after the depth of optimization through the system, the 360 mobile phone N5S endurance should be good. Overall, 360 mobile phone N5S is a balanced product has unique ID design and mainstream performance, to a 360 mobile phone N5 premium of more than 500 yuan is reasonable, a new product configuration and yen value have escalated, presumably will lead to a lot of friends attention, believe that after sales should be pretty good.