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IPhone 8
Jun 14, 2017

[mobile china news] the annual event of the science and technology, apple conference, although there are still a few months before the arrival, but a variety of rumors have been exposed everywhere. From everyone's enthusiasm for the new iPhone, Apple's position in the science and technology circle is self-evident. And for the 10th Anniversary Special Edition iPhone, everyone's expectations seem more fanatical, after all, iPhone has not changed for years.


Recently, on WWDC, iOS 11 finally met with us, from the changes in the new version of the system, we are speculation that iPhone 8 in the end what will surprise. Today, foreign media exposure of a group of iPhone 8 with iOS 11 rendering, Yan value is outrageous, we look at the United States and not United States?


The current news indicates that iPhone 8 will be equipped with a full screen, but it is not sure what kind of Design Apple will adopt. From the changes in iOS 11 to the signal band, iPhone 8 is likely to retain part of the forehead to accommodate the sensor and the front camera. In addition, dual photo will be changed to vertical arrangement, and the fingerprint identification is likely to be cancelled, instead of using the solution of facial 3D scanning. Such a special version of 10th anniversary iPhone, how do you feel?