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IPhone 8 Sells At 20 Thousand! What Support Premium Does Apple Have?
Jul 14, 2017

Reporting from CNBC Bank of America Merrill Lynch visited Asia apple industry chain, a top secret insider collected shows (especially Foxconn), released in September iPhone 8, listed the next time will be delayed for a month. Due to the poor quality of many core components, the delayed listing of iPhone 8 may have more than 20 thousand of the previous price, which is not a good thing for apple.

Since Cook took charge of apple, apple mobile phone prices all the way up, last year launched the iPhone 7 series, the highest configuration of the official price has been close to 10 thousand yuan. Although foreign analysts expressed bullish on the rise in the price of Apple's mobile phone, sales have shown that the price increases have sent Apple's handset sales down.

Earnings data show that in the second quarter of 2016, the total profit and profit of the wealth Apple camp decreased by 13% and 22.5% respectively. Corresponding to the decline in revenue and profits, Apple's product sales fell, iPhone, iPad, Mac sales fell 16%, 19% and 12%, respectively.

A year later, sales of Apple phones are still going down. The second quarter earnings data show that as of April 1st, Apple sold 50 million 800 thousand iPhone in the second quarter, down from 51 million 200 thousand in the same period last year. Obviously, consumers are getting lower for the iphone. Although Apple mobile phone sales decline is a variety of factors, but the price is undoubtedly an important factor, after all, Cook has pulled prices up to an unprecedented height.

In the apple mobile phone sales decline in the market background, iPhone 8 earlier price of more than 20 thousand, for Apple's future market sales will undoubtedly be a poison. More importantly, the delay in the listing of a new generation of Apple Mobile iPhone 8 still does not have much innovation, which is bound to exacerbate the loss of apple users.

Rumors of the iPhone 8 hardware configuration have come in several versions, with wireless charging, OLED screens and 3D sensors becoming the selling point of this generation of apple handsets.

The future, even if the rumors become a reality, iPhone 8 hardware innovation is also behind the opponent, a few years ago Samsung's flagship model Note5 already supports wireless charging, two years ago, Samsung introduced the OLED S6 series mobile phone screen, some of the domestic mobile phone brand is bold introduced 3D sensor. There is no doubt that iPhone 8 is a selling point, other mobile phone brands leftovers.

Lack of innovation in hardware, the earlier iPhone 8 to sell 20 thousand, perhaps more like speculation. At the software level, apple phones are suffering from a lack of innovation. After HUAWEI, ZTE and other domestic mobile phone brands launched dual camera models, Apple launched last year with a dual camera iPhone 7 Plus.

Nearly a year has passed, and the iPhone 7 Plus algorithm with two cameras has only one "portrait" mode of depth of field, and a few months after the introduction of the machine, the corresponding software adapter is available.

It's easy to see that Apple has fallen behind in software adaptation in order to introduce some new hardware technology, and the upcoming iPhone 8 is also facing the problem. Reports from AppleInsider say there have been some problems with iPhone 8 software development, the most critical of which are wireless charging and 3D sensor software. If these problems can not be solved in time, it may lead to the absence of a number of important functions at the beginning of the iPhone 8 release.

That is, software adaptation of iPhone 8 is now experiencing a lot of difficulties. If the software adaptation of these hardware based on wireless charging and 3D sensors is not perfect, the wireless charging function will be a decoration. One side is the high price, and the other side is because the software is improperly adapted, the function of castration, iPhone 8 what move users?

More importantly, prior to Apple's listing, the hardware based adaptation has been perfect. From the beginning of the iPhone 7 series mobile phone, Apple software adapter work lag, apple mobile phone just to create attractions at the hardware level, Jobs products feelings have long been shrewd businessman Kuko behind.

Indeed, Apple has never competed with its opponents hardware configuration, excellent experience and quality control is the core competitiveness of apple. Unfortunately, in the death of Jobs, the apple mobile phone user experience and quality control of powder broken heart. In the iPhone 5 generation products, the so-called "paint door" incident exposed Apple's failure in quality control.

At that time, for iPhone 5 paint, the official response is iPhone 5 with a Aluminum Alloy material production process of anodic alumina, black iPhone 5 is sprayed coated with a thin layer of scratch, once encountered will paint. Such a tough response, so many fruit powder questioned the craft level of Apple's mobile phone.

In the "paint door" whole, last year listed on the iPhone 7 series of mobile phone also appeared frequently the Diaoqi problem, equipped with a dual camera iPhone 7 Plus had a large area of the fault into the camera interface of suspended animation.

As of now, apple officials do not provide a reasonable solution to the problem of iPhone 7. It is not difficult to predict that, in addition to the software adaptation problems, iPhone 8 may also have problems in the manufacturing process.

For quite a long time, apple mobile phones have been the endorsement of high-quality and stylish cutting-edge technologies. With the intensification of competition, the domestic mobile phone catching up, Apple's advantages in technology, hardware, innovation and other aspects have been weakened.

In the smart phone industry as a whole lack of innovation moment, iPhone 8 premium capacity seriously shrunk. So, even early out of stock, the price of 20 thousand iPhone 8 will be an invisible damage to apple.