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Apple /S8 Or Samsung Note8 Plain Deterrence Ahead To September Primary
Jul 12, 2017

From the current situation, Galaxy S8 for Samsung has brought great success, but even so, the machine's performance has been unsatisfactory. Now South Korean media have reported that S8 sales have slowed down in the past month, with only 9 million 800 thousand. In the same period last year, S7 sales have exceeded 1200.

To this end, Samsung had to adjust to a new generation of Note 8 release time, the new flagship mobile phone release time was arranged in the early September. And earlier, the industry's famous Evan Blass who broke the news but claimed that the aircraft will be unveiled at the end of September.

This year is the tenth anniversary of Apple's birth, and iPhone 8 will be a big threat to Note 8, which may be one of the reasons for the slowdown in S8 sales. Every September is a new generation of iPhone debut, and this year's debut of the new Apple phone, compared with the first generation will be greatly improved. Affected by apple, Samsung also had to sell new aircraft in advance.Of course, we do not rule out the possibility of early release Samsung Note 8 this strategy will work, if iPhone 8 will wait until the November sale of the rumors are true, then there are two months in the Korea Companies to regain a bureau.So, is that the case? We'll wait and see.