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IPhone 8 Release Time Is Fixed! But Apple 8 Shipped Or Affected: The Reason Is Too Pit
Jul 07, 2017

IPhone 8 release time is fixed! But Apple 8 shipped or affected: the reason is too pit, mobile phone prices again?

According to foreign media Evertiq reported that Taiwan Taoyuan 2 micron factory in July 1st had shut down, which leads to the contamination of the wafer and equipment, equipment failure to overhaul.

As for this loss, Taiwan industry chain analysts stressed that at least the loss of about 60 thousand / month of initial wafer capacity, and more importantly, they are still manufacturing iPhone LPDDR4 memory major suppliers.

Mentioned in the report, conservative estimates, the failure of the July global 5.5% of DRAM production capacity, and then the memory market price should be a high probability of time, more exaggerated is that this is likely to affect the iPhone 8 shipments.

Price increases on prices, are routines