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IPhone 10th Anniversary: How Do Mobile Phones Change Your Life These Years?
Jun 30, 2017

Ten years ago today, in June 29, 2007, a cell phone turned out to have revolutionized our way of life. It put the Internet in everyone's pocket. From now on, we can whenever and wherever possible browsing news, instant chat, watch videos, share transfer payment, self timer, play games, etc.. It is - iPhone. With its birth, we officially entered the era of smart phones.

On this memorable day, Tencent Penguin asks, "how did you use your mobile phone when iPhone came on the market ten years ago?"" Open many netizens memories moment, Luo Yonghao, Zhou Hongyi, Gao Yunxiang and other public science and technology, entertainment, big coffee crossover led the participation.

What do you have to say about your cell phone? Welcome to participate in interaction!

How did you use your cell phone in those days without iPhone?

Hammer technology founder and CEO: Luo Yonghao

Ten years ago, the first generation of iPhone on sale, I used Windows CE mobile phone. I might belong to a group of users who used smartphones earlier in china. Since I was born 72 years ago, there are only four models that have been used for a long time. This is rare among my peers. From my fifth mobile phone, I use smart phones. Windows, CE, has long used Palm phones and Symbian phones for a long time.

IPhone just came out, I changed, when Feng Tang in the United States on business, he also like these new digital products, he bought several iPhone from the United States back, he also used to me and my wife brought. He flew from the us to Beijing airport landing directly to Zhongguancun, delivered to our door, I took the mobile phone, went directly to the Zhongguancun met in the computer business to do business there, the smuggled goods, cracked, at that time, China also can not use iPhone.

Because before has been iPod and Mac users, have ingrained trust in Apple's products and product team led by Jobs iPhone, we have seen in the online conference, the function of his presentation let us excited, for these reasons let us put the mobile phone into iPhone. In fact, many iPhone problems early, contact problems, text messages can not be forwarded, not sending, at that time there is no 3G, so in addition to the home WIFI out what, but in this case it is of very obsessed, always use their own mobile phone.

I remember when I use iPhone around those same middle-class friends almost all in Symbian mobile phone, and they are for our young people to use this iPhone thing is full of ridicule, but these people today are in a iPhone on the side of those with other brand new mobile phone to do users feel puzzled.