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All You Want To Know Are The Latest Rumors About The IPhone 8 Here
Jun 26, 2017

While it's still a while before the official launch, anecdotal reports about the next generation of iphones have been overwhelming. The iPhone 8 is likely to be the most recently upgraded iPhone in recent years. Now, I'm just going to make a prediction about the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 will probably look like this!In accordance with the previous rule, apple this autumn will also launch 2 iPhone, but many news pointed out that the 10th anniversary of the apple is likely to take advantage of this Phone this opportunity, to introduce a revolutionary design of iPhone products, rumours that apple will put this product named the iPhone or iPhone X 8.

There are also reports that apple may still be offering only two products, which would mean canceling one of the iPhone 7s. But the rumor has yet to be confirmed, and the number of new iphones remains a mystery.

Appearance: full screen design

At present, the iPhone 8's exposure is almost always mentioned in the design of the full screen, which is the high reliability of the rumor. It is rumored that the iPhone 8 will likely feature a full-screen design similar to samsung's S8 and LG G6, thanks to such a design, and the iPhone 8's screen size will also reach a staggering 5.8 inches.

It's worth noting, though, that while the iPhone 8's screen size could be 5.8 inches, its actual display area is 5.1 inches. The rest is located below, and it's likely to be made into a Touch zone similar to Touch Bar. On top of that, the iPhone 8 will use OLED screens, but the message says it won't be designed with curved screens.

Of course, because of the full screen design, the iPhone 8 will leave the physical Home button that has been used for years. There are two theories about the location of fingerprint recognition. One is that it will be integrated in the screen and placed in the touch zone below the screen. Another way of saying it is to put it on the back of the phone, which is likely to work with the iPhone LOGO.

In addition, the iPhone 8 will make a full return for the body material. It is likely to be used in the double-sided glass + stainless steel frame design of the iPhone 4. The rear will still have a dual camera, but it will be a vertical double shot, and the raised problems still exist.

Photo: 3D sensing front camera

The iPhone 7 Plus, which was released last year, has already been in the double camp, and the iPhone 8 will still be dual-shot, though it may be a vertical double shot. But from the current exposure, the biggest part of the iPhone 8's changes may not be the rear-facing camera, but rather the unfocused front lens.

In addition to the quick charge, the current iPhone 8 design sketch shows that the iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging technology, and the large circular area on the back of the fuselage is the wireless charging module. And existing wireless charging, apple is likely to adopt long-distance wireless charging technology, that is to say we don't need to phone in the designated area, can also pick up even if used for charging.

Performance: A10 / A11 processor mix

Apple has been working on A new series of processors for each generation of iphones. Normally, this year's iPhone series will take on a new A11 processor. However, it is noted that because of the impact of the 10nm process on the production capacity, apple will likely only use the 10nm A11 processor on the iPhone 8, while the iPhone 7s will use the 16nm process.From the Revelations above, it's not hard to see that the iPhone 8 is the most recently changed iPhone in recent years. So if you're going to buy an iPhone, just be patient and wait, the upcoming iPhone 8 will surprise you.