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Charm Blue E2 Spot Selling, P20 Eight Nuclear +3GB Deposit Value
Jun 23, 2017

Charm Blue E2 equipped with more and more understanding of your Flyme 6, and has MediaTek P20 processor, +3GB LPDDR4x storage combination, greater performance. In addition, the use of new "flash antenna integrated design", Yan value higher, fun. It has been sold on the spot and is the last choice of the 1000 yuan machine.The charm blue E2 uses the metal integrated fuselage, provides the moonlight silver, the champagne gold, the Yao stone black fashion color matching, satisfies the young user's demand fully. Equipped with a fingerprint identification key is convenient, support Alipay / WeChat fingerprint payment. Meizu will charm blue E2 flash into the antenna, the official called "integrated design" flash antenna, the stronger sense of unity, and support custom settings in the Flyme flash effect, in the call, alarm clock, WeChat red and so on the different state can show different light condition, good-looking and practical.

Charm Blue E2 is equipped with MediaTek P20 eight core processor, with the new architecture and Mali T880 image processor, with LPDDR4X low-power 3GB/4GB Dayun storage, excellent performance, low power consumption. The front 8 million pixels autodyne lens, single pixel photosensitive particles increased to 1.4 m, significantly enhance the self imaging quality and brightness dark environment. Rear 13 million pixel camera, support PDAF phase focus.