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Samsung S8/S8+ China Sales Data Exposure Mostly Male
Jun 20, 2017

V said that in the purchase of Samsung @ Galant cover music world S8/S8+ user groups, male users occupy the most, @ V Galant also said "Gao Yan thought the value of S8 will capture more female users".In addition, most consumers China matching is a mystery night, consumer favorite color sort: mystery night dreams > > smoky gray gold > blue fog island. Relatively surprising is that the fog blue color even in the last row, of course, this may be due to the fog blue color of the Samsung Le S8/S8+ world, listed on a relatively late date.In May 18th, Samsung in Beijing officially released the state line version cover music world S8/S8+ in the first half of this year, as Samsung's flagship model, the S8/S8+ with a full cover music as a curved screen design, the appearance of a very high degree of recognition after the release, also aroused widespread concern. The music world cover version of the Samsung S8/S8+ provides the mystery, dreams of gold, blue, gray fog smoky island four color, price 5688 yuan.