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Surface Phone
Jun 13, 2017

According to market research firm NetMarketShare data show, Windows Phone in April this year, the global mobile market share is only 1.59%, most of the APP developers have completely abandoned the Windows Phone platform.

For the outside world, Microsoft's mobile phone already exists. As a former Lumia user, I am very disappointed with Microsoft.

However, in the Microsoft Build developer conference, CEO Nadela revealed in an interview that Microsoft did not give up the mobile phone business, Microsoft is developing a completely different from the common mobile phone products.

  The outside world for Nadella's comments, suggested that Microsoft has put the mobile business personnel integration into the Surface department, and is developing a foldable mobile phone, mobile phone through a special hinge design, can instantly become a tablet computer. Obviously, with the existing straight folding mobile phone screen accounted for intelligent mobile phone design.

Today, Phone Arena, a foreign media, has exposed a new Microsoft patent - "flexible, folding computing devices."

  ccording to the patent details of the exposure, the device has a hinge design similar to that of the Surface tablet, creating a folding device with clever mechanical and magnet combinations. For example, a 5.5 inch mobile phone can be turned into a 10 inch tablet computer by folding it.

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