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What knowledge does cell phone shell have?
Sep 20, 2017

The first stage: the early 90s of last century, when the mobile phone is high-end luxury goods, often thousands of dollars, high consumption. Many people can not afford to buy, because people's average wage is only about two hundred to three hundred yuan per month, and that is five hundred yuan high to the sky. Even if buying a mobile phone, but also because of the high number of calls and the limited number of use. In this special period, there is a mobile phone protective cover should be far from the birth, and it looks like a purse almost, mostly black based, can hang on the belt. Compared with the mobile phone shell now, simple and not too ugly, but its role is not only to protect the mobile phone, there is a greater role, that is to show off. Can often see such an image: a waist (his coat hem into your pants, so you can put the mobile phone set out) men come swaggeringly walking in the street, suddenly his mobile phone rang (when the mobile phone ringtone only bite Ling Ling sound, all mobile phone is only this a sound), the man took out a mobile phone, anxious patches towards the office of telephone (when the side of the road can be seen everywhere), the original telephone fee is too expensive, can not afford, just a caller ID function to buy a mobile phone, and mobile phone protective sleeve this time has played an important role. This period lasted until the beginning of this century.

The second stage: the black period of mobile phone protection cover, because of the popular words at that time, "now three popular silly: a silly, mobile phone belt; two silly, arm clip bag; three silly summer cap.". I do not know why, because this simple sentence, and made the surface of the mobile phone shell industry trough. But this time the mobile phone price is one thousand yuan, the average capital of people at that time for eight hundred yuan per month to one thousand yuan, people live frugally, two months to buy a mobile phone. Most of the people are the basic set of bare mobile phone is not much, but very few. Package with the mobile phone shell industry at the bottom of the period. Can also be called a little shame.

The third stage: a period of rapid development, but also can be called in the limelight period is from 2007 to now, and will continue. This is because in 2007, the first generation of Apple's mobile phone market, in Chinese just listed, because of its unique design, excellent quality and perfect interface and caused everybody's crazy desire to buy, so that Apple mobile phone quickly occupied the high-end mobile phone market before the China. That is, from that time on, there is a smart phone said. People in this period of time, no longer for thousands of yuan of money hand urgently, in order to his beloved, but resigned after buying the apple mobile phone is also one after another. The high price can not lower people's enthusiasm for purchasing. People buy Apple phones, and take care of their beloved children like their own children, for fear that anything will happen to them. Apple mobile phone shell is from the time to begin mass production, and in short supply, mobile phone shell pattern is all sorts of strange things, metal shell, shell, shell, Retro Leather silicone shell, personality shell, and even appeared in a large number of funny shell, is still unable to meet the growing needs of people supporting machine to. By now, if you don't have a nice apple cell phone and when the phone rings, you'll be embarrassed to bring your cell phone out if someone is there. This period known as the climax period of mobile phone shell, can also be called in the limelight period, and continues with the new development of the apple mobile phone.