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The correct method of mobile phone film
Oct 17, 2017

Whenever a new machine to start, people are going for it on the screen with a piece of protective film, but suffer from not film, protective film and paste are generally sold by businesses for film. However, once protective film is worn askew, or need to be replaced by the time to run again to find businesses do, quite troublesome. In fact, the film is not what "difficult work", as long as the use of high-quality protective film products, and a clear understanding of the process of film, their own hands-on film is really not difficult. It will elaborate protection film with the whole process for everyone.      

Clean screen

The use of BG (fiber cloth, cloth or soft cloth can wipe the screen glasses), mobile phone screen will thoroughly clean. It is best to wipe the screen in the indoor wind and clean environment, to reduce dust on the film, because the film is completely clean before this must surely we all know, such as accidentally stained with dust will directly affect the results of the film, light to cause film after the gas bubble, will lead to failure of the film. Many of the poor quality of the protective film is because the film can not be cleaned in the process of entering the dust, directly destroy the protective film of silica gel layer, making the film scrapped can not be used.

The use of BG dust cleaning paste stubborn dirt, wipe clean after use, if the screen and stubborn dirt, do not use wet cloth to clean the water that is very important. The dust is stuck on the dust and then lifted, and the dust is removed by sticking the dust on the dust collector BG. After the BG dust collector is used, it is pasted back to the original bottom paper, and can be used repeatedly.

iemo's home

The protective film is out of the package inside, do not tear off membrane, directly into the mobile phone screen, obtain preliminary film impression, especially fit the observed film edge and the mobile phone screen, the film position has a general understanding, it will contribute to the back film program.


A part of the parting film is torn apart

Observe the label on the protective film, tear off the part of the parting film marked "one", and pay attention to avoiding the adsorption layer of the finger touching the protective film. Each protective film product is divided into three layers, of which, one and both are separated membranes, which act as protective membranes for the middle.

Slowly paste the protective film onto the phone screen

Align the adsorption layer of the protective film to the screen edge angle. Make sure that the position is aligned and then stick carefully. Side of the paste, while tearing off the first release film, if the film process bubble, you can pull back the film, re affixed. After confirming the position of the film is completely correct, tear off the No. 1 film completely. After the whole protective film is attached to the screen, if there is a bubble, you can scrape off the screen and scrape off the air with BG.

The separation film of No.2 is completely torn  The number from the film completely torn, and with cloth wipe the screen, the whole process of the completion of the film.