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Partial design (picture group) is confirmed in the exposure of volume production version i8 mobile phone shell
Jun 22, 2017

Now the message of relevant apple iPhone 8 is numerous, the design drawing of this mobile phone, play up figure, new function or the like all one by one emersion the water surface.In conjunction with message before this, apple will be released 3 sections of brand-new mobile phones this year, and wherein iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus will continue the design style of money in 2016, and iPhone 8 then adopts comprehensive screen and rearmounted vertical two designs of taking the photograph to reach.

In this three mobile phone, iPhone 8 attracts people's attention undoubtedly most, and this quick-witted sketch has been made public many times, thereby we roughly also can infer the outward appearance that this is quick-witted etc.Now, mobile phone shell manufacturer has confirmed the partial design of the trendy flagship mobile phone of apple again.Disclose people Benjamin Geskin several iPhone 8 mobile phone shell of having put in the volume production of having made public recently, that is to say, this mobile phone shell manufacturer on top of information such as iPhone 8 sizes.From the mobile phone shell of exposure, iPhone 8 will have vertical two take the photograph, also than volume adjusting key bigger (at present, the power key size of iPhone size with it is consistent), the fuselage size is then big, slightly littler than iPhone 7 Plus slightly than iPhone 7 for power key.

IPhone 8 will adopt the display screen of one 5.15 inch according to news, but because its mobile phone frame is extremely narrow, thereby how many its fuselages can't go out greatly than iPhone 7.