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Knowledge of toughened glass film of mobile phone
Oct 11, 2017

General plastic film surface hardness of not more than 3H, the hardness of glass is about 6H, and tempered glass, hardness reached 9H.Toughened glass phone film is a newly developed mobile phone protection film in the United States in 2012. It is the most advanced product for protecting the screen at present.

The thickness of the protective layer is only 0.4 millimeters, which can completely cover the original screen surface, prevent damage by external force, scratch, and increase impact absorption, which is 5 times higher than the standard of the PET film. The video effects of the screen will not be affected. On this basis, the introduction of toughened glass oxygen mask, in the protection of mobile phone screen, on the basis of preventing cell phone blue radiation damage to the human body, prevent myopia, and realize double protection.

A glass film raw materials: ab

What is the AB? Because the plastic protective film glass film unlike can electrostatic adsorption on the mobile phone screen, with a thin layer of flexible double-sided adhesive tape in the glass film layer, this thin layer of flexible double-sided adhesive is called ab.

On the thickness of tempered glass film

At present, the thickness of toughened glass film on the market is 4 kinds: 0.4mm, 0.33mm, 0.2mm, 0.15mm. And these 4 thicknesses still refer to the thickness of the glass raw material. Do not contain said before ab. The general AB thickness of 0.085mm to 0.15mm (AB brand is not the same, not the same as the thickness of the glass membrane) is the finished thickness at least is 0.235mm, the thickness of raw material market products are just the thickness of.

Even so, the thickness is still a variety of manufacturers a variety of virtual standard. 0.4mm glass sign into 0.3mm, 0.33mm into 0.26mm, 0.2mm into 0.15mm, and even a treasure many businesses directly without integrity of the 0.4mm directly labeled 0.1mm. (the thickness of 0.1mm is almost the same as that of plastic protective film.)