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How to use the toughened glass film
Dec 14, 2017

Prepare the abWipe off the grease and bacteria on the surface of a cell phone with an alcohol wiping clothovDust paper is clean and clean with alcohol and a small amount of duste four tools: toughened glass film, wipingThe only layer membrane of tearing the toughened glass film cloth, dust paper,In the middle, the toughened glass film will automatically adsorb and wipinTake your hands with Finally, wipe the glass film has been posted at buart surface and the mobile phone is good, be accomp

Matters needing attention

When the film is sticker, do not leave the dust on the surface of the cell phone, or there will be a bubble when the toughened glass film is attached.

If the parts of the toughened glass film are inadvertently glued to the dust, the dust is sored out with the dust paper.

The toughened glass film can be washed and reused and will not affect the stickiness


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