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Common knowledge about some mobile phone shells
Aug 17, 2017

Silica gel: soft, very convenient disassembly, the material cost is low, easy to deformation is the main color to yellow, not how long there will be very obvious, but the feeling is good, falls have better elastic buffer, can protect the mobile phone up. The biggest drawback is the poor heat dissipation, affecting the speed of the machine, you can think about their personal wear this material of clothing and airtight, the whole hot summer feel?. So this material generally suitable for wholesale, cheaper prices, suitable for some mobile phones, the price is not too expensive brands and users of mobile phone shell is not high.

2, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber, this material wear resistance, oil resistance, moderate hardness, for the majority of mobile phone shell brand choice, usually adopts the printing process, batch order, do not need to how much money can open a small square, then 1 and 2 are more flexible, but the drawback is that the ink on the surface of the imaging is poor, easy to fade, especially easy to dirty. On the faded, many people know that ink is toxic, you can imagine, every mobile phone number and catch and eat booger button action, this is tantamount to chronic Dutch act. Extremely unsanitary and faded and dirty after a period of time.

3, IMD (In-Mold, Decoration) in mold injection molding technology, which is from this record to use an international popular technology, in fact, this process has long ago, the story is no longer talked about. But because of the cost really applied to the field of product design and mold temperature injection soon, using IMD technology, a mobile phone shell forming needs a mold, film, printing, injection molding, hot pressing, white cover, etc. a plurality of quality inspection process, the picture into shell middle layer, never faded yellowing, shell polishing. Stereoscopic imaging, HD, a dirty, wipe it clean, relatively speaking is still a lot of advantages. But the drawback is that the plastic, even the highest hardness and no metal material to compete, so there will be a scratch, iphone4s people will know that the mobile phone shell on the back shell is IMD process, can get up to see if there is a scratch. This is why i5 changed into metal material after, Jobs also for the user to argue that this is the traces of years, in fact, traces are traces, each object has its advantages and disadvantages. (the hardness of the dust particles is 8H, and the objects of high hardness in nature are relatively expensive, such as diamonds, Jin Gang glass), if this material does not say how to imaging, the cost is high scary. In addition, and because it is printed, you need a certain amount of manufacturers will do.

A production process: matte, matte process is low profile users love, but if used with IMD imaging technology, the darker and smooth in comparison, no aesthetic person can distinguish good or bad, if used with the TPU process, because the image directly on the shell surface, because of poor imaging properties the shell material (IMD process graphics imaging in PE mode sheet). So we usually see shell, mid-range price, this is a lot of material and technology. Most of them are direct print. The quality of printing and printing is no longer said here. About polishing, can make the color more bright, play the role of dust-proof, dirt, printing gold will not say. Embossed, has a printer, usually based on TPU, PC sheet imaging, ink on the surface. About water tie, easy to fall off, easy to dirty, over oil, feel better, easy to dirty imaging poor.

Taobao since then recorded shop mobile phone shell, based on a variety of material knowledge and comprehensive consideration, select IMD process and ABS+PC hybrid material, taking into account the shell imaging and material resistance to fall compression resistance. It is not perfect, but it has its own comprehensive consideration. Interested, you can go to or Taobao search shop: from then on things recorded