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Huawei mobile phone these 5 functions very practical buy need not be too bad!
Jun 26, 2017

As a leading brand of domestic mobile phones, huawei phones are becoming more and more popular. Huawei's phones are popular not only because of their superior hardware performance, but in fact, they also have a lot of practical and interesting features in software. Today, I would like to introduce some of the easy and overlooked features of huawei's mobile phone system, so let's set it up with me and don't let you buy the white flowers of your cell phone!

1. Farewell to traffic theft -- save traffic patterns

Not knowing why, huawei has hidden so much of this utility. Province traffic mode is used, we need to set up, traffic management, the provincial traffic mode, the application of real-time message transmission need to carry on the white list Settings, avoid don't get the background information.

Of course, we can also set up the use of WiFi or traffic in the application network, and conduct traffic management more finely.

Don't worry about finding your cell phone -- voice awakens

Huawei mobile phones also have the function that voice wake, voice wake can realize mobile search and call two functions, the former for people who likes to throw the phone very practical, the latter is more suitable for driving. The open method is in Settings - only auxiliary - voice control Settings.

3. More convenient means of interaction - gesture control

The huawei phone also has an exclusive feature: finger gestures. Huawei mobile phones can not only turn like other brand mobile phone set the mute, automatic switching, and other functions, you can also use the knuckles of intelligent screenshots, split screen operation, and even open applications quickly. All we need to do is to open this feature in the Settings -- only the help -- gesture control.

4. More suitable for old people - simple mode

In order to take care of the elderly people's experience, the mobile phone also has a simple model that can be used to enlarge the ICONS and characters of the app, making it easier for the elderly to use. Open mode - advanced Settings - simple mode. To exit, simply click on the "standard mode" option in a simple mode.

5. Defraud artifact - unknown number recognition

Huawei's phone also supports unfamiliar number recognition functions, which can identify phone calls such as fraud, harassment and express delivery. However, in order to save traffic, this function is closed by default. Users can click on an online identification unknown number to open in the lower right corner of the dial.

The above is the five huawei mobile phone skills that I introduced to you today, which has been set up, and the huawei phone in your hand must be able to become even better. If you have a lot of friends who use huawei phones, you may as well collect and share them with them. Of course, if you know some of the tips for huawei's mobile phone, you can also comment in the comments.

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