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Accessories, mobile phone shell
Jun 23, 2017

Mobile phone shell is through the abrasive stamping forming, mobile phone casing in plastic, can be divided into ABS, PA, PA12, nylon, ABS+PC alloy, PA66, PVC, TPU, HDPE, PC, PP poly carbon polypropylene material from (c) HIPS (c) LDPE, benzene, LLDPE, PBT, polyester PET, POM, PPO, PMMA, formaldehyde and other types of. According to use can be divided into general level, temperature resistance, flame retardant, high grade leveling, electroplating grade. Mobile phone shell manufacturers in accordance with the characteristics of each mobile phone brand model, processing a series of personalized mobile phone shell, easy to replace users.


Mobile phone foil is a cold mounting film that can be used to mount mobile phones, body surfaces, screens and other visible objects. According to the principle of film mounting can be divided into: adhesive film, electrostatic film and so on, in fact, the mobile phone film not only confined to the mobile phone in addition to the mounting frame, MP3, MP4, computer screen, mouse, speaker and any required protection of the entity objects, because of its original mobile phone is widely used in cosmetic, hence the name "mobile phone" because, after mounting the mobile phone through the mobile phone film, can take on an altogether new aspect of bright, not only can play the effect of renovating the old machine, but also can be waterproof, prevent dirt from entering into the keyboard, screen, play the role of protection, so people are commonly known as mobile phone film, mobile phone protective film beauty.

The back casing is easy to carry and protects the mobile phone. Avoid collisions, squeezing and causing cell phone damage