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Basic knowledge training of mobile phone shell
Jul 27, 2017

Ordinary material yellow, not thorough, light reflection is not so good, easy to scratch; easy to break. 2, PC Chi Mei material glittering and translucent, reflective good, not easy to scratch. Good flexibility, not easy to breakSplit. Crystal shells, we usually order this. 3, ordinary materials and Chi Mei material mixed with 4 ABS material, the hardness of this material is relatively large, that is, relatively hard. Relatively less use. Silicone case 1 A silica gel material is usually said with a nail from t2 B material for ordinary material, will be white with a nail top. It smells good and smells bad. Usually this is what the guests order, and if the taste is too large, the guest will have a complaint. 3 elastic silicone, tensile degree is relatively large, usually mixed with ordinary silica gel, can be enhanced bombshe top of the pure silica gel, silica gel, not white