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Crocodile Skin Cell Phone Shell, Handset Protection Cover

This is our new product CD-ROM tower system. As you can see, it is very attractive and fashionable. This tower is made of wood with twenty CD. Let me tell you the size of it. It is 33 centimeters high, 18 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. It has three colors: black, brown and white. Its sales price is a very competitive price at 25-A dollars. It is very suitable for storing CD and CD-ROM. It has several unique features that should attract our customers. First, it has a soft touch mechanism. This means that you only need to touch a button and the CD will come out smoothly and quietly. Another advantage is that it is easy to choose the CD you want, because the title is clearly displayed. A very useful feature is that it is easy to use. You can open the CD box and take it off the tray. The tower is well designed. It is robust, elegant and user friendly. It's very flexible-i forgot to mention because the tower is modular, so you can put it on the other. This is a great advantage for those who have a lot of CD. One more thing, if you buy two instead of one, you can save 15 dollars. I think the CD tower will be one of our best selling products. It does meet the needs of music lovers. It is very practical, it is a kind of high quality product, and it is of great value. Do you have any questions to ask?
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